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1. Hengqin International Science & Technology Innovation Center


Profile: With total floorage of 358,000 sq m, Hengqin International Scientific & Technological Innovation Center is aggregated for new-generation information technologies, integrated circuit design, artificial intelligence, and 5G Internet of Things. The center has nine buildings, a Lingnan amorous street, China-LAC Economic & Trade Cooperation Park, big-brand hotel, high-end apartments, office areas for incubators, accelerators and headquarters, business areas, public technological service platform, and exhibition center. It will be fostered as an industrial complex and sci-tech innovation + community with comprehensive support facilities for Macao’s industrial diversification.

Address: 5 Second Xingke Lane, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-2990716

2. Hengqin International Commercial Center (ICC)


Profile: Located in the core area of Hengqin Checkpoint Commercial Service Zone, the Hengqin International Commercial Center (ICC) is a global strategic complex integrating 5A intelligent office areas, a five-star IHG Hotel, international service apartments, centralized commerce, and business street. It is just a 5-minute walk from the Zhuhai-Macao border and Hengqin Station of the Airport Urban Rail Transit Phase I. Developed by Hengqin International Business Center Development Co, a subsidiary of Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Property, the center is also a four-dimensional landmark of politics & economy, art, culture, and fashion. Comprehensive support facilities are already on offer, including Bee+ Co-working Space, InterContinental Hotel, Wanda Theater, Starbucks Coffee, and other big-name enterprises.

Address: 3000 East Huandao Road, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-2996451

3. Macao-Hengqin Youth Entrepreneurship Valley (Inno Valley HQ)


Profile: Situated on East Huandao Road in the heart of Hengqin, the Macao-Hengqin Youth Entrepreneurship Valley is just across from the University of Macao and Hengqin Checkpoint and a narrow stretch of water from Macao. The valley is the first major platform in Hengqin for industry landing, cultivation, and development as well as a high-end industrial park for Hong Kong and Macao enterprises and sci-tech innovation companies. Inno Valley HQ has garnered accolades including National Science & Technology Enterprise Incubator, National Maker Space, Guangdong-Macao Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Base, Guangdong Demonstration Base for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprises, Zhuhai Municipal Science & Technology Enterprise Incubator, Guangdong Association for Science & Technology HOME Program (Hengqin) Workstation, Zhuhai Public Service Demonstration Platform for SMEs, Maker Station, Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base in the Greater Bay Area, and Women’s Home of Inno Valley HQ. Emerging technology industries including integrated circuit, AI, and 5G Internet of Things have been introduced to the park.

Address: 1889 East Huandao Road, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-2990716

4. National Food Safety Innovation Center (Hengqin)


Profile: Ranking in the top three in Hengqin in terms of project scale, the National Food Safety Innovation Center (Hengqin) comprises nine buildings, among which three are unit-typed office areas for sale, four residential buildings, and two self-owned super Grade-5A office buildings (Buildings 8 & 9). Adopting the concept of Sailing in the Sea, the project faces due south with a dislocation design. The maximum space between buildings is up to 63.5 m. Comprehensive support facilities include a sports club, children's activity center, canteens, conference and convention centers, outdoor basketball courts, commercial street, indoor constant-temperature and outdoor infinity swimming pools. A garden-styled ecological office environment is created to provide clients with quality services and experiences.

Address: 2333 Gang’ao Avenue, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-2996443

5. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Science & Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation Between Guangdong & Macao


Profile: The traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Science & Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation Between Guangdong & Macao is developed, constructed, and operated by a joint venture funded by Macao and Hengqin. The park covers a land area of 500,000 sq m with total construction area of 1.4 million sq m. Envisioned as an international TCM quality control base and healthcare industry exchange platform as well as window to the TCM industry and Belt & Road Initiative, the park is engaged in fostering an integrated industry-university-research platform, promoting the internationalization of TCM, and developing the big-health industry. An integrated professional public service platform built to international standards has taken form, providing EU-accredited whole-chain services such as GMP pilot production, R&D and testing, and industry incubation. With the aid of a comprehensive scientific research service system, the park has become a sci-tech innovation and development cluster involving well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, CRO R&D service institutions, and innovation-driven resources from colleges and universities. Meanwhile, a National Science & Technology Enterprise Incubator is in place for the landing, incubation, and transformation of sci-tech achievements in the park. Three major big-health projects in the park, namely Ruilian Wellness Resort & Hotel, TCM sci-tech creative museum (temporary name), and TCM-themed culture street, are under construction to promote the transformation and industrialization of TCM industry-university-research achievements.

Address: 2522 North Huandao Road, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-8918488

6. Hengqin Science City


The project of Hengqin Science City covers 698,000 sq m in the sole hi-tech industrial zone at the northwest section of Hengqin. Being constructed over three phases, the science city will have total floorage of 2.51 million sq m and adopt a planning system of “one city, two wings, and three valleys.” The two wings refer to the residential and commercial facilities, while the three valleys are for biomedicine, artificial intelligence (AI), and sci-tech innovation. An important platform to facilitate the in-depth cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao, the project will be built into an aggregation center of economic resources in the Greater Bay Area, as well as a highly-efficient channel for the flow of sci-tech talents, goods, and information.

The 321,000-sq-m first phase, encased by Houpu, North Qinhai, West Huandao, and Fifth Shengzhou roads, will have total floor area of 644,000 sq m above the ground and underground floorage of 484,000 sq m. Supportive facilities include family-style housing with common property right, talent housing, single apartments, a star hotel, shopping center, commercial street, public service facilities, and kindergarten. Construction of all the mentioned facilities, except the hotel, will be completed before 2023.

The second phase, situated east of Houpu Road, west of West Huandao Road, and on both sides of Fifth Shengzhou Road, will house the AI and sci-tech innovation valleys. Upon completion in 2025, it will cover land area of 178,000 sq m with above-ground floorage of 998,400 sq m and underground floor area of 300,000 sq m. Industries such as integrated circuit, 5G, AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data will be developed.

The 219,800-sq-m third phase, where the biomedicine valley will be located at the North Huandao-West Huandao roads intersection west of the Guangdong-Macao Expressway, will be built by 2027. An international first-class innovation base for innovative biomedicine and big health industries will be established on above-ground floor area of 868,500 sq m and underground floorage of 415,000 sq m.

Address: East of Houpu Road, south of North Qinhai Road, west of West Huandao Road, north of Fifth Shengzhou Road, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Tel: 86-756-2996451

7. Legend Ponto Square


Situated directly across from Hengqin Checkpoint, the 140,000-sq-m commercial complex integrates retail, catering, and tourism facilities. Being the first Portuguese-style architecture in Hengqin with total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, the square features the unique Portuguese Manuel architectural style with Macao characteristics. It is a successful example of Macao small and medium-sized enterprises’ participation in the development of Hengqin, business window for Guangdong-Macao cooperation and Hengqin, and pilot project of economic and trade cooperation platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Address: west of East Huandao Road (across from Hengqin Checkpoint), Hengqin, Zhuhai