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Advantageous Industries Updated:2021-09-14 Font L M S

1. Sci-tech R&D and high-end manufacturing


The industries of integrated circuits, electronic components, new materials, new energy, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and biomedicine are vigorously promoted in the zone. Construction of a microelectronics industrial chain with characteristic chip design, testing, and inspection is being accelerated. An artificial intelligence collaborative innovation ecosystem will be developed, along with demonstration projects of IPv6 and 5G applications as well as a next-generation Internet industry cluster.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and other Macao signature industries


A world-class TCM production base and innovation highland will be constructed, and development path for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Science & Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation Between Guangdong & Macao be optimized. Taking the National TCM Service Export Base as the carrier, trade in TCM services will be promoted and a pharmaceutical innovation R&D and transformation platform with independent intellectual property rights and Chinese characteristics will be built. Development of rough diamond processing will be supported for the construction of a world-class rough diamond and gem trading center.

3. Culture, tourism, exhibition, and trade


The zone will enhance the high-level construction of Hengqin International Recreation Island and support Macao's image as a world-class tourism and leisure center. Tourism industries such as leisure and vacation, conference and exhibition, sports events and sightseeing as well as big-health industries including leisure and recreation and rehabilitation medicine will be vigorously developed in the zone. Development of tourism resources of surrounding islands will be enhanced to promote independent yacht travel in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Guangdong-Macao cooperation in building a high-quality imported commodity consumer goods trading center is supported and a high-quality consumer goods trading industry ecology will be fostered. Construction of a China-Portuguese-speaking Countries international trade center and an international hub port for digital trade is proposed to promote the digital transformation of traditional trade.

4. Modern finance


Construction of a financial service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in the cooperation zone is supported. Social capital is encouraged to set up multi-currency venture capital funds and private equity investment funds in accordance with the principle of marketization while foreign capital attracted to increase support for high-tech industries and innovation and entrepreneurship in the cooperation zone. The cooperation zone will support Macao to innovatively develop modern financial industries such as wealth management, bond market, and financial leasing in the zone. Expanded opening of the zone to Macao in the service sector is supported and the entry threshold for Macao-funded financial institutions to establish banks and insurance institutions will be lowered. Support is provided to the development of cross-border motor vehicle insurance and commercial medical insurance as well as letter of credit insurance and other businesses in the cooperation zone.